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>>2019 Youth Boys rule book LInk <<



All major rule revisions are listed below but both rule revisions and clarifications appear with a screen background through this rulebook.

(Game Format) – Rule Change

  1. (All Levels) 5.5 - “Targeting” body checks will result in a 3-minute non-releasable penalty and ejection from the game.
  2. (All Levels) 6.3 – Holding with the portion of the crosse which is between your hands is now legal
  3. (All Levels) 6.11 - Clarification that it is illegal for the offensive player to Ward Off their opponent to create separation and legal for a player with the ball with two hands on their crosse to contact the crosse of their opponent using their arm. -.
  4. (10U, 12U) 4.4 - In small sided play only, all players are released from their positions on the sound of the whistle during a faceoff. However, ALL players must play the ball until possession is gained and may not contact their opponent.
  5. (10U, 12U, 14U) 2.1.1 - Each coach is required to name a starting defender at the beginning of a game who will serve penalties when a Goalkeeper is charged with a penalty.


2019 Points of Emphasis

SPORTSMANSHIP – Players, coaches, and spectators should exhibit the highest levels of sportsmanship at all times. Violations of rules involving conduct or sportsmanship can result in time-serving penalties for violators. Communication with, and by officials, should be in a calm, professional and business-like manner

TARGETING – The creating of a “targeting” penalty aims to identify and remove the most dangerous body checks in the game with harsh penalties. The creating of a new language should result in easier identification of those fouls and a decrease in the number of dangerous checks.

LEGAL HOLDING WITH THE CROSSE – Holding with the portion of the crosse between a player’s hands, known as “cross-check hold”, has been a gray area for many years. By legalizing this form of contact, and setting strict guidelines for how this can be applied, should result in greater clarity within the rules of the game.

EXPERIMENTAL RULES – In order to test rules proposals submitted to US Lacrosse, the Men’s Rules Subcommittee encourages leagues to try several experimental rules listed below.

  • All personal fouls are non-releasable
  • Extending play during the final two minutes of the game for the full duration of penalty time when the team that is ahead by one goal commits a time-serving penalty and the total penalty time is greater than the remaining game time.
  • Requiring one completed pass after a faceoff
  • Eliminating “get it in and keep it in” during the final two minutes of the game


2019 Rule Change Examples

ART. 4 ...A player shall not initiate a body check legally but slides up into or follows through to an opponent’s head or neck.  PENALTY: Two- or three-minute, non-releasable foul, at the official’s discretion. An excessively violent violation of this rule may result in an ejection.


ART. 6 … A player shall not initiate Targeting: Intentionally taking aim at the head/neck of an opponent for the purpose of making violent contact. This could include a check with the crown of the helmet (spearing) that targets the head or neck of an opponent. PENALTY:  Three-minute, non-releasable foul. An excessively violent violation of this rule may result in an ejection.


ART. 7 . . . A player shall not initiate Targeting that intentionally takes aim at a player in a defenseless position. PENALTY:  Three-minute, non-releasable foul. An excessively violent violation of this rule may result in an ejection.


Penalty Explanations


Personal Fouls playlist:


Technical Fouls Playlist