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Timekeeper Duties

  • Start and stop the clock on the official’s whistle and track penalty time.


Before the Game

  • Home team provides the official timekeeper(s), as well as the game and penalty clocks, and a working horn.
  • Please arrive 20 minutes prior to the game start.
  • Ensure the game and penalty clocks are functional and familiarize yourself with their operation, if needed. 
  • If you use stop watches, know how to stop/start/reset and do it quickly


During the Game:

  • Notify the officials prior to the end of periods (usually 2 minutes, and 20 seconds)
  • Officials will indicate the amount of time prior to the end of a period in which they would like to be notified. A two minute warning prior to end of the half or game is required. 
  • Provide a countdown from 10 seconds at end of the periods to the officials.
  • Track time during intermissions and alert coaches and officials four minutes prior to intermission ending
  • Use the horn to indicate end of quarter/half/game. Use a double horn blast at a stoppage if you need to confer with the official(s).



  • 5/6 and 7/8 grade games are run with a stop clock ( 5th to 8th grade). The clock is started and stopped on the officials' whistle.
    • 5/6 and 7/8 games become running clock games in the 2nd half if one team leads by 12 or more goals. The clock only stops on timeouts or at the end of the 3rd quarter or game. The clock reverts to stop time if the lead falls below 12 goals.
  • 1/2 and 3/4 grade games are running clock. The clock starts on the first whistle and runs until the end of the half (1/2) or quarter (3/4).
  • For running time games and situations, penalty time starts on the whistle after the penalty is assessed.




  • Penalties vary in time – the referee will identify the amount of time to be served.
    • Personal fouls – one to three minutes depending on the infraction
    • Technical fouls – 30 seconds
  • Penalty Types:
    • RELEASABLE Penalty – penalty time is over when goal is scored
    • UNRELEASEABLE Penalty – the full penalty time is served regardless of goal or period ending.
  • Penalized players must remain in the “special substitution box”, on their knee and close to the talbe while serving the penalty. They may not obstruct the view of the scorer/timer, or impede substitutes entering or leaving the field. The timer is responsible for lettting the penalized player know when the penalty is expiring with a countdown for the last 5 seconds.