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2022 CWLL Boys Rules (revised 4/11/2022)

NOTE: Player 'swing player" rules at bottom

2022 USL Boys Lacrosse Rule Book (HERE)

CWLL 2022 1/2 (8U) Rules 3/4 (10U) Rules 5/6 (12U) Rules 7/8 (14U) Rules
Game format: 4x4 (no goalies)  7v7 (with goalies); 6x6 (without goalies) 10v10 (7x7 acceptable for 5/6)
Field size  60 yd x 35 yd  Regulation 
Crosse Dimensions Short: 37-42" Short: 37-42"; Goalie: 37"–54"; Long: none Short: 40"–42"; Long: 52"–72"; Goalie: 40"–72";  1 official check/half (Appendix V applies)
NOCSAE Standards All must meet NOCSAE: Ball (ND049), Helmet (ND041),  field (required in 2021) & goalie shoulder pads (ND200) (required in 2022)
Goal size  3x3 ft, 4x4 ft, upside down 6x6 ft 6x6 ft 
Equipment: field Helmet, gloves, shoulder and arm pads, non-white/clear mouth guard, protective cup, athletic shoes
Equipment: goalies N/A Chest protector, throat guard, gloves, protective cup, arm pads required. Recommended: shin/thigh pads
Max long crosses None permitted  4
Goalies No Yes
Scorekeeping Not kept  Kept
Score Table 2 people/club (scorekeeper, spotter). Home: may have 3rd person for timekeeping. No spectators on team side
Face-offs  None; coin toss for first/alternating posession.Team scored upon gets ball on GLE to restart. Alternating possession at halftime. Yes; 1 wing player (1 foot out of bounds, released on whistle). 2 attack & 2 defense behind GLE. Players released on possession or ball over GLE. Yes; standard
Face-off Proceure N/A May FO from knee FO done standing (no knees) w/neutral grip (no motorcycle grip) for hand nearest head
Mercy Rule N/A If 6 goal lead, the trailing team can take the ball without a face off If a team achieves a ≥ 12 goal lead in the second half, change to running time (no free faceoff)
Goal Differential  N/A N/A If team has ≥ 12 goal lead in 2nd half,
change to running time (no free faceoff); if difference reverts to < 12 goals, running time continues.

2 x 12-minute RUNNING halves

5-min halftime.

4 x 10-min RUNNING -time quarters

2-mins between quarters

5-min halftime; teams change ends

If either team is playing ≥ 2 games per day, then  4 x 8-min 

4 x 10-min STOP-time quarters

2-mins between quarters

5-min halftime

Teams change ends

Overtime (3.4) None  None, ends with "tie" Up to 2 4-min periods w/2-mins between periods, OR until victor as field availability permits.
Timeouts  None 2/half;  1/OT. None in final 2 minutes of  game.
Stalling None Team with lead must "get it in and keep it in" in final 2 minutes IF ≤ 4 goal differential
Advancement Rules N/A Over midline: 20-sec; into goal area/restraining box: 10 sec; over and back applies
Quick restart After a stoppage in play, the game can restart when the defensive player(s) are within 5 yards of the ball carrier.
Offsides  None  Yes
Penalties  Player substituted, no man-down Time-serving, man-down for personal fouls Regular NFHS Rules
Goalie Penalties N/A In-home serves all goalie penalties except:  multi-minute, non-releasable penalties (i.e. Unsportsmanlike or Unnecessary Roughness/Targeting)
Fouling Out None Player with 3 personal fouls or 5-minutes in personal foul penalty time shall be disqualified from the game. DQ'd player is substituted.
Legal Contact Holds (w/2 hands on crosse), crosse holds (w/2 hands on crosse), pushes (non-violent, from front or side), positioning (box out) must be done with player who has possession, or is with 3 yds of a loose ball. Defensive positioning to rediret opponent in possession of ball. Some incidental body contact
Body checking  None  Limited body contact allowed, but body checking is illegal Contact is legal within 3 yards of a loose ball, No “Take Out” body checks
Targeting Player substituted Targeting: intentionally taking aim at the head/neck of an opponent for the purpose of making violent contact. Includes a check with the crown of the helmet (spearing) that targets the head or neck of an opponent. A player shall not intentionally take aim at a player in a defenseless position. 3 minute non-releasable fouls; ejection if excessively violent violation
Crosse checking  Lift, poke, downward checks starting below chest; No one-handed checks No one-handed checks (or icepicks)
Substitution  Sub on dead ball; no "on-the-fly" subs Sub on dead ball; May sub "on-the-fly" if both caoches agree Normal substitution ("on the fly")
Stopping play for subs After 2 min w/o stoppage, officials will look for an opportunity to stop play and sub players Normal substitution 
Pass Rule 1 attempted pass after ball advanced over mid-field line before an attempted shot = "HOT". Team is "Hot" until 1) the ball crosses midfield line (whether loose or in possession), 2) it loses & regains  possession on offensive half, 3) through penalties/dead ball periods.  Failure to attempt a pass before shot taken is a technical foul & possession is awarded to the other team. None
Scrum ball rule  Quick whistle at referee’s discretion, award AP Referee’s discretion None
Raking the ball  Non-time serving technical foul (turnover) Legal 

A swing player is a one who occasionally plays on another roster for the sole purpose of ensuring that there are enough players to play a game, preventing a game from getting cancelled. Swing players should be avoided as much as possible.

  1. 1/2 Division: no swing player requirements or limitations.
  2. 3/4 Division: If the number of available players on a roster for a given game drops below 11, that team may swing players to reach a total roster size of 11 (7v7 format with goalies).
  3. 5/6, 7/8 Division: If the number of available players on a roster for a given game drops below 15, that team may swing players to reach a total roster size of 15.
  4. Swing Players shall be identified to the opposing coach and the score table prior to the game starting.
  5. If a team roster player arrives during the game, the swing players must be removed from the bench and not continue to play in the game.
  6. If the restrictions above are not adhered to, the team exceeded the swing players will forfeit the game