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The registration process will step you through a boy's and girl's team registration for the 2020 CWLL league. 


Before you begin you must have a few things or you will not be able to complete the registration process. this is a bit more in detail than in the past, but we need to know each thing we ask to save our volunteers many hours or work. thanks for the understanding. 


  1. Payment ready using a credit card.
  2. A home field declared to host CWLL league games. 
  3. List of the tournaments the team will AND will not be attending in our area.
  4. List of up to 3 Blackout date ranges the team cannot compete in CWLL league games


IF you have all of the above in hand then continue,  

IF you do not have all 4 of the above items please Stop, huddle up with your Club and come back when ready. 



Thank you for your understanding!