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NOTE: If a schedule change is requested by the Officials assigner for our region, the assigner is the only one who can submit change requests to CWLL once they have submitted and approved with WALOA. CLubs do not need to submit changes per or for the official's WALOA assigner.


For club/team requests follow these steps. 

1.   Both Club schedulers must agree to reschedule a CWLL league and agree to and confirm the following.

a. New scheduled date and time

b. Availability and confirmation of field space

c. No sooner than seven days before the scheduled game date as seen on the schedule.

d. Including new datetime and field location and field number. Field access must be confirmed before submitting the reschedule request.


2.  Once the agreement is reached, one of the Club Schedulers will forward the chain the CWLL president (Colby  Smith, ) with the following information in the email.

a.     Subject must include the following,

                   i.   Have the Words “CWLL Reschedule” leading the subject in some way.

                   ii.  Have the Game ID you are rescheduling after the “CWLL Reschedule,” example email subject:   CWLL Reschedule game ID 173764.  Game ids are found in the notes section of the scheduled game.

b.     Include at the top of the email body the new agreed upon date, time and field.

c.     Forwarded email must contain both clubs’ scheduler's email signature and show their agreement to the  change.

d.     Please do not engage the scheduler until an agreement is reached.


3.  You will receive a confirmation email that the request has been received, and then another notification either:

a.     When the change has been approved and put into the system, or

b.     When the change has been denied, including a reason (referee availability, etc.), possibly with a suggestion for another date that can be accommodated.

NOTE: If both teams do not agree to reschedule, the requesting team can choose to play the game as originally scheduled or accept a 2-0 forfeit.

Questions? Contact Seth or Colby at the email addresses above.



Sample Email: